• Tolerance: +/- .005 inch per inch
  • Size: Max 26” Length
  • Weight: .3 oz – 250 lbs
  • Structure: structurally sound parts, often selected where x-rays are used to assure integrity
  • Surface quality: 125-micron finish standard, even finer available

Design Freedom

Real progress is being able to step outside the box. Since virtually any shape or configuration can be investment cast, RLM investment castings afford your engineers considerable freedom to design the part for maximum function. Because of the various coring systems that can be incorporated into the pattern, investment casting can even produce internally complex parts.

In-House Tooling

All of our tooling is done in-house, meaning we can provide a faster lead-time, avoid finger pointing and give you our expertise in building the right tool for your needs. From concept to completion, we’re there for you.



RLM Industries creates castings up to 250 pounds.  We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for all your intricate casting needs.




We stand behind our products. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. Having the best customer service available is the very core of our company.