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Rapid Prototyping

Made quick, easy and economical

Cut AwayAt RLM Industries, we can create a prototype from a solid model to metal in as few as five business days with no tooling required!

Utilizing the latest technology, our prototypes are built using our 3D modeling precision casting processes. No other process offers you a higher quality product in a short amount of time than the investment casting process.

A lot of work goes into the design and development of products. RLM Industries can help you with our low cost rapid prototyping program for projects that are still in the development stages. Why limit yourself to the costly and often time-consuming process of machining prototypes out of bar stock or fabricating prototypes as complex weldments?

Simplify your prototype process by using superior investment castings technology from us. When in the product development process, RLM provides prototypes quickly, enabling your proof or concept to be built and tested using metal components.

Our simple, low cost, quick turnaround solutions for your prototype requirement ensure you get the quality product you deserve, the design freedom you need and the alloy selection you want.

For more information on our prototyping process, please contact us. Or feel free to request a quote.

Rapid Prototype KitTool DesignFull Rack of Ceramic Molds

Our state of the art rapid prototyping:

  • Eliminates all tooling costs
  • Ensures deliveries in three weeks
  • Great for designs still in testing and development
  • Prototypes can be made out of SLA, ABS, corn starch, and Zcorp materials