The Casting Difference

The RLM Investment Casting process offers many benefits over other types of casting processes including:

  • Low Initial Tooling Costs – Initial tooling costs averaged over the parts produced are often less than other manufacturing tool costs.
  • Elimination of Material Waste – Investment castings are cast to size, decreasing the amount of machining required.
  • Design Flexibility and Capability – Infinite choice of alloys and design flexibility for internal and external configurations. Virtually any shape or configuration can be investment cast, producing internally complex parts.
  • Design Enhancements – There are no draft requirements in the investment casting process.
  • Consistency – Our process gives a reliable and consistent product from order to order.
  • Close Tolerances – RLM’s typical linear tolerances can be plus or minus .005 in per inch. However, closer tolerances are frequently achieved on selected dimensions, depending on the alloy and configuration of the part.
  • Surface Finish Improvement – A surface finish of about 125RMS is standard for our investment castings.
  • Reproduction of fine details – Holes, bosses, and splines can be cast
  • Reduction of production costs – Costly machining operations can often be eliminated.
  • Reduction of assembly operations – Several parts can be made as a single casting, reducing assembly and handling costs.

RLM has a customer base consisting of the military, the construction industry, food processing and handling, automotive manufacturers and we are the exclusive casting supplier to the largest crane company in the world. RLM has the experience, reputation and ability to complete your project on time and according to your specifications, the first time!


Forget waiting months to launch a new product. At RLM Industries, we can have your product delivered in as few as 6 weeks.  We provide Engineering, Prototyping and Casting processes using Lean Manufacturing principles for speed and efficiency.
Investment casting may be a 5,000 year old process, but it doesn’t mean we still use the same tools. At RLM, we operate state-of-the-art machinery and inspection equipment, including a Romer Arm, ensuring the highest quality production possible, with ISO 9001:2015 certification.
At RLM, Our goal is 100 percent on-time delivery. We work with you to guarantee projects move along from design to delivery as fast as possible.
Our rapid prototyping process means that you can go from solid model to prototype in as few as 7 business days. Our method uses the latest technology in 3D modeling and precision prototype casting processes.
Contact RLM today to experience what old-fashioned customer service is all about. We do “whatever it takes” to address customer challenges, priorities and special needs. Or you can Request A Quote and we’ll get right on it. We know time is money.
As a general rule all ferrous and non-ferrous materials can be investment castings. Check our Alloy Selection Guide for details.
Investment casting may seem more expensive than other forging methods, but it also requires less secondary machining. RLM focuses on creating quality products, and can turn multiple piece projects into single piece projects. We think outside the box to create smarter and more efficient castings.

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